Greta and her littles

Initially when I first saw this hummingbird family 10 days ago, I thought the babies were about 10 days old. I’m pretty sure I was wrong. I’m guessing now that they were only about 5 days old. That would make the baby hummingbirds 14 days old in these pictures. How ever old they are, they’re adorable.

Since the moment I first saw the hummingbird nest and photographed the itty-bitty babies, I have been thinking about them wondering how they are doing and how big they have gotten. I wished they were in my backyard so I could see them every single day, but they are not. So, today, wanting to do something a little magical with my own “littles”, I decided to pack up some lunches and take another road trip to Southern Minnesota to see how the baby hummingbirds were developing. After all, how often will the kids and I know exactly where a hummingbird nest is?

When we arrived, we walked across the grass and stood near their tree. Looking up, I could see movement and two little beaks. I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited I could see them peeking out over their nest. They were moving their heads and using their tongues, and, they had feathers. Their mama came to the nest a few times to feed them, and my experience was just as enchanting as the first time I had seen this incredible mama and her two babies. I smiled, and though she is not my hummingbird, I named her Greta. And I thanked graceful, beautiful Greta for letting me watch her and her two littles feed and nap and fly in the sunshine. And I watched my own two littles feed and play and fly around in the sunshine. Before long they’ll be ready to take flight. Two little miracles. Finding their own way.

Mama (1024x682)

Lunchtime (1024x738)

Lunchtime2 (1024x673)

Sisters (1024x683)

Mama2 (1024x678)

Lunchtime3 (1024x663)

Mama3 (1024x624)

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