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October 8, 2013

This morning the kids and I will prepare a few surprises: Two more coffee cards for books being returned to the library, a card to a dear friend who is a cancer survivor, and a singing birthday telegram. I, personally, LOVE to know something unexpected brought a smile to someone’s face, and for that reason, my family does what we can to make those smiles happen.

Today I have an extra smile for a surprise I received: Twin Cities Live Facebook Fan of the Day. What? I opened the email announcing that I was picked as their Facebook Fan of the Day for today, and I smiled. Unexpected. A little something special during an otherwise ordinary day. Awesome.

How many of you at 3 p.m. turn your tv to channel 5 (here in The Twin Cities) to see the stories Twin Cities Live shares?

We watch when we are able to and we LOVE it. Yesterday, Chris and Elizabeth, the co-hosts, discussed, with a panel of women, the difficulties young girls (as early as age 6) face with self-image and caring what others think. Even in the dressing room the kids are listening to us and paying attention to what we say, that’s right, good reminder. Emily shared her personal story of the day she and her mom found out her mom had Breast Cancer. Can you imagine? She did a great job bringing some awareness to Breast Cancer and some of the products available for purchase that help raise funds for research. And, she wore a pink robe on air so SHE and Twin Cities Live could help raise funds, too. Awesome! The show also shared a story about a group of female football players raising money to tackle Alzheimer’s. Great story! Those are the types of stories I love. Those personal, sometimes difficult stories.

I was asked not that long ago what I hope for this 34,000 Lives Facebook site. What I hope, is for this space to be a place where people learn, connect, smile and become inspired. Maybe you find out about a health obstacle you had never heard of before. Maybe you see a new perspective. Maybe you discover a new book. Or hear a story that you completely can relate to. Or, on a difficult day, find yourself not feeling so alone. Maybe something I share inspires you to have an impact on someone in your life. Or maybe it just brings a little sunshine to your day. I don’t know. What I do know is that I love to hear people’s story. I love to know a little about them and what they have been through, how they have gotten to where they have gotten. And I love knowing that sharing a little of my story, helps others too.

My 34,000 Lives project began around this time last year when Mike Savage of Savage Press mailed a copy of the book “Upon Arrival of Illness”. I still remember the day I received my copy, and how proud I was of this man who had held a writing contest to honor his niece who had lost her three-year battle with breast cancer. Having a writing contest that encourages writing as a form of therapy, to honor you niece, pretty cool, right? I think so.

Ninety-two people shared their stories, their experiences, their fears and joys and battles. It was courageous, and it was inspiring. I learned things. I saw new perspectives. I cried. I laughed. I related. That publisher, that book, those people – they all played a part in my creating this 34,000 Lives project. They played a part in my mission to have a positive impact. May you find something worthwhile in the posts that I make and the pictures that I share. May you, too, set out to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

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