Procrastinate no longer

Happy January, Friends! Have you decided to make it a great one? I have. January is one of my favorite months because it’s the beginning of a new year, a new chapter. With a blank page we can choose to write ANYTHING.

For months I have been trying to carve out time to go visit my grandpa. He’s loving and funny and wonderful, and he just got a new home about three hours from me. I keep wanting to go see him, and trying to figure out the best time to go, but life keeps getting in the way. I lose the hours in the day too quickly; the kids are sick; something last minute has come up, which I need to help with – always, something always happens and I haven’t gotten to Grandpa’s.

Well, yesterday I decided, at two in the afternoon, NOW is the best time to go. There was a flurry of taking care of the dog, packing snacks and winter clothes, bundling up and loading into our vehicle. Then . . . off we went. Were there things we were supposed to do yesterday? Sure. But there will always be things we are supposed to do, things and stuff that need our attention and time.

We drove for three hours, visited for three hours, drove for three hours. It felt a little like we had done some sort of marathon when we pulled into the driveway at midnight with two sleeping children, but my husband and I both smiled. The joy in my grandpa’s voice when I called to tell him we were on our way, and the excitement on his face when he saw us, was the greatest. Yeah, we only had three hours together and it was a long drive. But we had THREE HOURS together. It was magical and memorable, and it kicked off our new year with love and laughter, and a reminder that we should take time to dance in the living room. Even when (and maybe especially when) we are alone.

The challenge this week is to procrastinate no longer: Do one thing you have been wanting to do but you keep putting off. And if you want, tell us what you did (smile).

January 1, 2014

May you fill the pages of January with magical, memorable moments!

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