The Landmark Forum: Dream BIG


After registering for the forum I had to choose a weekend to attend seminars. The first part of the year is always incredibly busy for my family so January was out. The next option that I thought might work was in March. That weekend happened to be after my children’s spring break, which meant I would get a whole week with my kids before I had to leave for a whole weekend. That sounded great. Well, it sounded great until I noticed it was the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day. Then it didn’t sound so great.


I come from a big, loud, crazy family that loves to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We are, after all, part Irish. I knew there would be celebrating of some kind the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day since this year actual St. Patrick’s Day was on a Monday. I’m not a fan of missing out on fun and celebration, so I reconsidered January.

Unrealistic. Unrealistic, I thought to myself. January just won’t work. Dang it! That brings me back to March, which really is ideal because I get that week with the kids before I have to be gone. We could do some special things and get some extra fun time together, and Mom being gone for a whole weekend won’t seem that drastic. Plus, March is a lucky month, with St. Patrick’s Day and all. Maybe that will be my lucky month to have an incredible experience and start something new. Maybe.

After much consideration I decided I would forego the silly hat, shamrock earrings, neck full of beaded, blinking necklaces, Irish t-shirt, Irish socks from my trip to Ireland in 2012, gold sparkly shoes and purse, and green mug. Gathering with family would happen soon enough, and green beer could wait until next year. As for the corned beef and cabbage, well, I would make that ahead of time and enjoy it. Cheers to something special and wonderful and lucky, I thought. Cheers to my Landmark experience. (I hope it’s worth it.) I selected the appropriate weekend and sent the information off.

To confirm my weekend, I received a phone call from Landmark.

The call came in the evening which was perfect. My husband was home to wrangle children and keep the door closed so I could focus on what was being said to me. The gentleman on the other end of the line was very nice and explained he was simply calling to confirm my participation in the forum and ask me what I was hoping to get out of participating.

What I was hoping to get out of it? I had no idea. Um . . .

“I guess I’m hoping to get some ideas for my work and my current project,” I said.

“Oh, what do you do?” he asked.

“Well I’m a writer and I have this 34,000 Lives project,” I said, explaining what 34,000 Lives is and how it began.

“Oh wow,” he said.

And a call that typically lasts a few minutes lasted almost an hour. That’s not unusual for me. I ask a lot of questions (smile).

I enjoyed hearing how this gentleman was brought to The Landmark Forum as a guest in 1989. How things weren’t going perfectly in his life at the time, and how after the forum he was able to make some difficult decisions and go a new direction in his life. I especially loved hearing how excited he was about his life right now, and how he had done things he never thought he would. Who doesn’t love to hear those stories, right? Unexpected adventures are the best.

After this man began to tell me what he had gotten out of the forum – greater overall confidence, stronger communication with family and friends, fulfilling career, better health and well-being, happiness, and being a leader within his community – I was intrigued.

“Dream big,” he said.

I smiled. Dream big is one of the things I say often.

“You can have anything you’re willing to get out of your mouth,” he said.

I giggled. Obviously he didn’t know me too well. Anything I want, huh? Dream big? Clearly he didn’t understand what he was saying to me. Alright, pal. I do dream big. And I say just about anything. The Landmark Forum, huh? We’ll see.

“Well, keep thinking about what you want to get out of this forum,” he said, “and write it down. Be specific.”

Specific, I can do that. And I began making my list.

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