The return of Mr. Stick

We spent most of the weekend enjoying the snow and sunshine and the company of my husband’s parents. Our weekend visit was complete with coffee and hot cocoa, bacon and eggs, a movie or two, explorations through the woods, and sightings from the kitchen windows. Birds are some of my favorite creatures to watch. Saturday I was in the middle of photographing two sets of male and female Cardinals, imagining what their afternoon chit-chat might consist of, when I heard my mother-in-law, Faye, say, “Oh, he’s here.”

“Mr. Stick?” I asked, wondering if she had spotted the owl we had been hoping would return.

“Yep. He’s just back from the bird feeder in the dead tree.”

I looked just to the left of the Cardinals I was focused on, and there he was perched steady. His feathers blew slightly in the wind and his head would turn every now and again as he watched the ground beneath him.

“Oh! I’m so happy he came back,” I said, smiling so big it stretched my neck out.

We had never noticed Mr. Stick around the yard until he landed on the bird feeder one day. Then Faye and her husband Jerry started seeing him in the trees close by. Now our family looks for him every time we’re in the kitchen, and especially around four o’clock in the afternoon. We hope he continues to visit the yard.

Mr. Stick

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