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My Facebook post February 25, 2014 read: Anyone with seasonal allergies to things such as trees, grasses, outdoor mold, etc. use essential oils or any other natural remedies that work well? If so, I’d love to hear more about what is working for you. THANKS!

For the past four years I have struggled greatly with severe allergies. Prednisone, Allegra twice a day, some other pill twice a day, shots – it has not been a pleasant journey. Spring 2013 I began looking at foods and chemicals and how they affect my body, and I began searching for more natural ways to address my issues and intolerances. In August 2013, when I began working on a book project with a gentleman named Kevin Pollari (Kevin’s Crusade), I started to learn a little about essential oils. Every once in a while during a writing session Kevin would put a little oil on his arm or hold a bottle up to his nose.

“Some people call this chiropractor in a bottle,” he said one day.

I’ve been to a chiropractor. I was curious what exactly “chiropractor in a bottle” was.

On another day, he said during lunch, “You gotta smell this one. I’ve been waiting a long time for this one.”

It was Rose oil and it smelled wonderful. I instantly thought of my grandmother who loved roses and had pictures of them on things throughout her house. Oils sit on Kevin’s desk and can be found on his kitchen table. I credit him and his girlfriend Leslie with putting Young Living Essential Oils on my radar.

In the fall, when school started, my experience with oils came in the form of a bottle of Tea tree oil I purchased at a nearby health store; the elementary school had a horrible case of lice. During my 3 a.m. research of what could be used besides the poison that is suggested by most people including the woman who answered the nurse line, I read that the smell of Tea tree oil deters lice from climbing onto your head and setting up camp. Good to know, and definitely worth a try. After we showered in Olive oil, we shopped for Tea tree oil. I didn’t have a clue what I was looking for, but I found a bottle that said Tea tree oil, purchased it, used it throughout the school year and it seemed to do the trick. I was thankful.

Now, my daughter has been diagnosed with allergies and mild asthma and I needed to know exactly what was being used and why, and how many chemicals and what side effects came with it. After spending more than $400 on doctor visits that included allergy and asthma tests, and more than $50 for prescriptions that I hadn’t opened, I made the post to my Facebook page. I knew Kevin and Leslie could offer some suggestions, but they were in Florida. I made the Facebook post and figured I would see what people had to say before interrupting any sunshine filled moments (smile). I received a note from my friend Cheri. It read: Heidi I distribute YL oils and use them. Let’s set up time to talk. My oils are my medicine.

Her oils are her medicine? I smiled. I knew YL was short for Young Living Essential Oils, the same oils Kevin and Leslie use. I was interested in hearing more. Cheri’s next note read: I will pull info for allergies but one most commonly used and effective is Lavender oil but it must be 100% pure (organic does not mean pure) to work.

What? Organic doesn’t mean pure? Even with oils? I hadn’t thought of that, but I had been learning that you should always read and understand the label and ingredients and ask questions. I was ready to hear more from Cheri.


Cheri Axel

I met Cheri Axel in 2001 when I was working for a company that distributed equipment for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. We worked together for a while and later shared an apartment. It was when we were living together in the apartment that we became good friends. You learn a lot when you live with someone. What I learned about Cheri was that she has a big interest in health, overcomes obstacles with a smile, and is a great friend. I would often bounce things off of her and she would – much like a big sister – share with me what she had heard me say, what she had observed, what she thought, and what her experiences had taught her. She was honest, even when it meant telling me something I didn’t necessarily want to hear. I trust Cheri. I was anxious to hear what she had to tell me regarding my daughter’s allergies and asthma. Here is a little of what Cheri shared . . .

I learned about Young Living essential oils in June of 2013 from Patty Yantes. I had worked for a company where Patty’s husband works and would see her from time to time when we had different events where family could come in. I was talking with her at one of the events and she said “I’ve got something for you.” She handed me a sample of Lavender oil with a little card about the benefits and different ways to use the oil.

I had used other brands of essential oils in the past and I did like them but will admit I was somewhat skeptical. Even though I prefer natural medicine, the essential oil brands I had used in the past never quite did what they said they could do, and I thought oils could only be used by inhalation. I had no idea there was a difference between the various brands and grades of oils. Well, that sample sat on my night table for about six or seven months.

One night, I was having trouble falling asleep. I had read that lavender promotes relaxation. So, I opened that sample bottle that was sitting on my night stand. I loved the way it smelled, and believe it or not, it really did help me fall asleep.

Shortly after that evening, I got a Facebook friend request from Patty. From time to time I would see information about Young Living products on her page. One day I had a question about a particular product I had seen and contacted Patty. We talked briefly which led to more questions and one afternoon Patty came over. We spent three or four hours talking about Young Living oils, and Patty shared her story with me. Her story is incredible.

I learned what therapeutic-grade essential oils are, and the variety of ways they are used. While some do, I did not have a particular health issue that I was trying to work on. But, after learning about the oils in the Everyday Oils kit I decided to order it.

Patty Yantes also gave me the Essential Oils Reference Guide so I could read and learn at my leisure. I began trying oils for various things such as headaches, sunburn, bug bites, relaxation and coughs and colds, and was amazed by the results.

When it comes to your kids you’ll do whatever you can to protect them. My son has allergy-induced asthma. It flares primarily in the spring and fall when pollens are high. We have to use a nebulizer for him during this time. The first time he developed the cough, I referred to the reference guide to find out what oil was recommended. There were multiple oils listed but the one I had on hand was Frankincense. I mixed a couple of drops with a carrier oil and rubbed it on his chest. In less than 10 minutes he stopped coughing. I was amazed! In the past when he developed the cough the only thing that could make it stop was using the nebulizer.

Another oil we use when he starts to develop a cough whether it be asthma or a cold is R.C. oil. Since using the oils, we have been able to greatly reduce using the nebulizer.

My son also had a virus called molluscum contagiosum. It’s like a tiny wart that itches and spreads when scratched. I had taken him to the doctor in the past to have them removed but they would come back. I read that Frankincense oil is one of the oils recommended for warts. I applied a drop twice daily for a couple weeks and then it was gone!

After experiencing firsthand the power of these therapeutic-grade essential oils I wanted everyone I loved to know about them so I decided to have a party. I just love sharing information about the oils with people and that’s why I decided to become a distributor.

Young Living Essential Oils are my primary source of medicine. I feel good about using them and never worry about the possibility of unknown side effects.

Sunday, March 2, 2014 I called Cheri. We chatted on the telephone for hours talking about oils and natural medicine and western medicine and side effects and all sorts of crazy things.

“Funny how priorities change,” I said, giggling a bit about days in the past when our biggest concerns were what time the softball game started and which brand of beer we might drink.

That Sunday night I had planned to order an oil or two, but instead ordered the Premium Starter Kit. With the Everyday Oils collection (Lavender, Peace & Calming, Lemon, Thieves, Peppermint, Valor, Purification, Frankincense, PanAway, Joy) and a home diffuser, it seemed like a good fit for my family. I liked the idea of being able to try several different oils, because as Cheri pointed out, each person’s body chemistry is different. One person may love an oil while another cannot possibly stand it. “And just so you know, the oil that you can’t stand is probably the one you need,” she told me.

Of course, I thought.

In addition to the oils, Cheri told me about a woman who makes chemical-free deodorant and other products. She gave me an email for Emily Johnson, “Mason’s Organic Mommy”, and I ordered some new deodorant, salt rub and chest and foot rub; as the popular brand of natural deodorant I had tried was not working for me. I was hopeful this option may. Cheri assured me she LOVES it.

March 9, 2014 my oils arrived.

March 11, 2014 I sent Cheri a note. After diffusing Lavender in my daughter’s room she woke up feeling like she had had the best night sleep ever. And she didn’t look exhausted like she had most mornings recently.

For the next month I emailed Cheri questions and she sent back answers and documents. By April 1st, I wanted more Lavender. I was diffusing it, wearing it, and adding it to bath time. Surprisingly, both my daughter and I were feeling good during a time of year when typically our seasonal allergies take over.

By April 5th, I had become so excited with what was happening I was telling everyone about it. My family and friends know how badly I struggle during this time of year, so they were very curious about these oils. Many of them also know Kevin and Leslie and know they, too, love these Young Living Essential Oils. I decided to schedule an oil party so those who were interested could learn more.

May 4th, 2014 was a beautifully sunny day. Members of my family and some of my friends began arriving at my home. I know May is a busy time of year, so I was especially thankful for those who took the time to come over. I was thrilled to be having a party, and to be sharing this new health journey with others. I was especially thrilled that Patty Yantes came with Cheri. Why so excited about Patty? First, I just love meeting new people. Cheri was so enthusiastic about Patty and what she knows, I wanted to meet her. But more importantly, I was excited about Patty being at my place because Patty suffers from Fibromyalgia. So has my mother for many, many years. With Patty in the same place as my mom, I felt hopeful my mom might find something that will assist her in living her healthiest life; something that will help her find some comfort and peace and relief. Patty was an answer to her prayers.

I had cut up organic apples and placed a fresh Brita pitcher full of water on the table. I pulled cups from the cupboard and placed them face down on top of napkins. Fancy I thought to myself, and fun, too. I laughed a little that I had hoped to have all sorts of sample THM (Trim Healthy Mama) foods for a snack. The week had been busy and I was physically and emotionally tired. Good job on getting the apples cut up, I said to myself. Apples are a great option.

Cheri and Patty arrived first. My mom and her friend Kathy were close behind. My aunt Colleen, and cousins Amanda and Gina came, and everyone found their way into my home.

“Wanna diffuse some Lime?” Cheri asked.

Of course I did. I hadn’t smelled Lime yet. I ran to get my diffuser. A little water and a few drops of Lime and voila, the entire main floor smelled fresh. Amanda and I agreed it smelled delicious.

“I love Lime,” I said.

“Try some in your water,” Cheri suggested.


Amanda and I each got a glass of water and put in a drop of Lime. Delicious. Seriously, if you like lime, it is so good. And I’m told it has similar benefits to that of lemon. Yay!

In the recliner, on the couch and perched on several chairs, Cheri and I welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to the party on such a sunny afternoon. Some discussion was had about the Everyday Essential Oils and their uses for people and pets. I had never thought of oils for my pet. Patty uses a selected set of oils as a tick repellent for pets. I was instantly interested in that. And I was interested in Patty’s story of how she came to find oils and how they have helped her. I was glad she decided to share some of her story . . .


Patty Yantes

I have a wonderful husband of twenty years, two handsome teenage boys, and a 4-year-old Golden Retriever. In 2003, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and esophageal spasms. January 2012, I joined Young Living.

Shortly after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I underwent surgery to repair my esophagus (Nissen fundoplication). I had such severe acid reflux it was basically eroding away the flap at the top of my stomach. In order to repair this, doctors took the top third of my stomach, wrapped it around my esophagus, brought it together in the front and stapled it. This was the new form of stricture to keep the acid in my stomach where it belonged, and hopefully not cause any more damage.

As a result of this surgery, I ended up having severe esophageal spasms and the inability to ever throw up. (My kids think this is a luxury, but it’s really not; especially if you’ve got the stomach flu!) My biggest triggers for having a spasm would be when I drank anything carbonated, so no pop. I also cannot drink coffee or caffeine of any kind, citrus drinks, and absolutely no alcohol. I mainly drink Chai Tea and water flavored with the Young Living Essential Oils. I also have a hard time eating any type of fatty, fried, or spicy foods. I’m very careful about what I eat and drink at all times. For some going out to eat is a luxury. At the time, before Young Living, not for me. It became a total misery.

For anyone who has ever experienced an esophageal spasm, you know exactly how painful it can be. For those of you who have never experienced this (and I hope you never do), an esophageal spasm is a painful experience equivalent to having a heart attack. The only symptom I don’t experience when this happens is that my left arm does not go numb. Most people that experience an esophageal spasm for the first time think they ARE having a heart attack. They call an ambulance and go to the hospital only to find out they have had an esophageal spasm. When an esophageal spasm happens to me, the pain is so unbearable that it hurts to physically move. I can barely talk or even swallow my own saliva. Pain shoots up my chest and back, into my neck, and follows my jawline to my right ear, where it feels like someone is stabbing me in the ear with an ice-pick. I have literally been laid up for three or more hours at a time before I any sort of relief would begin.

It took years for the doctors to figure out what was going on and when they finally did there was really only one medication to prescribe for this: Nitroglycerin. I would put it under my tongue for the spasms. Even with this medication I would still be laid up for an hour or two in pain. BUT NOW when I have an esophageal spasm, I put a drop of Peppermint oil on the back of my hand and lick it. Within fifteen minutes the pain is gone and I’m back to what I was doing. From hours to minutes. Young Living has had an impact on my life.

That January in 2012 when I attended that Young Living Essential Oils class, I decided to sign up to get a wholesale account so I could purchase oils for my own personal use a little cheaper. That decision has forever changed my health and well-being. At the time of the class, I was on unemployment. After ten years of working for three local clinics doing medical transcription, I had been laid off and was reaching the end of my unemployment. Maybe there was more than one reason Young Living came into my life when it did?

After a couple months of using the oils I was completely in love with them. I was feeling better, and I was thinking Why not give this Young Living thing a shot? I needed a new source of income, and I was having no luck finding a job anywhere. I decided to dive in and become a Young Living business woman.

I had been using a couple of Young Living Essential Oils prior to attending that first oils class. They were a complimentary addition to my prescription medications I was taking for the Fibromyalgia and anxiety issues. Alternative therapy have always interested me, and I have tried several things in an effort to help relieve some of my pain symptoms with the Fibromyalgia and anxiety.

Over the years I have tried (and still use) many things. Some of what I have tried includes: Reiki Energy Therapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release techniques, kinesiology taping, ultrasound therapy, Chinese therapy balls, cellular cleanse, essential oils, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, yoga, daily affirmations and journaling, chakra clearing, tapping for emotional release and EMDR therapy. I’ve done lots of research and read tons of books with my absolute favorite being: “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. After reading that book over and over again, I came to this realization: I TRULY, TRULY BELIEVE WITH FIBROMYALGIA THAT ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF IS MAKE THE CHOICE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK AND BELIEVE IT! ALSO, KNOW THAT THE POWER OF THE MIND LINKED WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE CAN HAVE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES FOR YOU!

You name it and I have probably tried it, read about it, or heard of it. The efforts I have put forth to find some relief are far from minimal. At this point I should offer a special thank you to my husband for his persistence. He thought it would be a good idea for us to get a dog again; that it would be good therapy for me. This is probably the only time you will ever see me say this, but . . . he was right!

Some of our healing pertains to what we are doing. Some of it, pertains to what we are thinking and saying. One of the first changes I made was in my attitude. It’s one of the best changes I’ve made. The number one thing I would say to you is: STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! Yes, stop talking about it. I started to realize that the more I talked about Fibromyalgia and anxiety, the more I was owning it and allowing it to become a part of who I am. Think about it. When you see or talk to people who know you have health issues, what do they always say? Usually it’s: “Hi, how are you feeling?”, which provokes you to talk about it and do the ‘poor me’ and ‘self-pity party’. Then, they give a response of: “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.” And the cycle begins.

I began to gradually change this by being conscious of what I was saying. When I would go out or when someone would call, no matter how much pain I was in or how I was feeling, I put a smile on my face and my body language remained positive. When someone would ask how I was, I’d say, “I’m feeling great. What’s new with you?” This way I answered their question and changed the subject. The focus was not Fibromyalgia, anxiety or any other ailments. By presenting a question back to the person, the conversation focused on something else; something other than me being sick. I didn’t just do this with friends and family. I did this with everyone.

To think of all the testing I have gone through, the countless different prescription medications, the counseling sessions, all in an effort to try and find ways to deal with pain and anxiety – it was endless and expensive. I felt like it was taking over my life, and it was making me and my family miserable. Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to a mother to cringe in pain when she gets a hug from her own children? It’s awful. And looking back, I was not able to perform my job. Nothing was going the way I had wanted it to.

Back then, because of my severe anxiety, I had never flown in an airplane. I had also never driven downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul by myself. I was not driving any long distances then, and I was not driving anywhere new. I would never stay at someone’s house or in a hotel alone. And never in a million years would I have EVER stood in front of a group of people to teach a class on essential oils. Or share my own personal story with others. My anxiety was so bad that I wouldn’t even go to family functions; we’d get into the car ready to go and then I just couldn’t do it. If you have anxiety as well as Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), well, going anywhere is not all that exciting or pleasant.

BUT NOW, since Young Living, I have overcome a lot of things on my anxiety bucket list with the main one being flying. I was covered head to toe in oils, and it took me two months of counseling to learn breathing and relaxation techniques, but I did it – I flew in an airplane. I have driven more than five hours to share my story, and recently I drove downtown by myself. By myself! Yea, it was nerve-wracking, but it was such a huge accomplishment for me. I have no problems staying with other people in their homes or at hotels anymore. And now, there’s nothing I enjoy more than teaching and educating others on essential oils, as well as sharing my story. Young Living has literally changed my life.

In 2012, when I signed up with Young Living, I was on nine prescription medications. They included an antidepressant, a daily medication for anxiety as well as a fast-acting anxiety med for panic attacks, a medicine for acne, a muscle relaxer as well as Vicodin for pain, Ritalin for the chronic daytime fatigue, Ambien every night for insomnia, and a medication for severe Esophageal spasms. I would also take up to twelve Ibuprofen almost every day for pain. And, I was taking four daily supplements. After starting Young Living, and WITH MY DOCTOR’S HELP, I was able to go from nine to one prescription. This took me eight months. That last prescription I’ve been able to cut in half and reduce to once a day. I’m still trying to wean off. I rarely ever take Ibuprofen anymore.

Today, my daily “medication” includes taking Super B, Sulfurzyme, and most importantly drinking four ounces of Young Living’s NingXia Red antioxidant juice drink. I add extra Lemon oil in my NingXia Red every morning to help aid with my other digestive issues. It took about two months of consistently taking the NingXia Red everyday before I really started to notice a big enough difference, but after that first two months I talked to my doctor about reducing some of my medications. We did that very slowly.

For anxiety I mostly use Bergamot and Valor on my feet. I’ll also use Peace & Calming or Stress-Away throughout the day as needed. I use Lavender and Frankincense on my face daily as it’s so good for the skin and acne. I love diffusing Peppermint in the morning and throughout the day when I need a pick-me-up, as well as for my esophageal spasms or any IBS flare-ups. I use the pain trio (Valor, PanAway, and Peppermint in layers) for pain. If I need a quick fix I’ll use the Deep Relief roll-on and then add a heated therapy rice pack on the area, especially when there are changes in the weather or I am going through a “Fibro-Flare”.

The oil that worked the best for me at night for sleep ended up being Cedarwood. I use it on the crown of my head, behind the ears, base of neck, and feet. Cedarwood is also great for those dreaded “Fibro-Fog” moments that you get with Fibromyalgia, as its high in sesquiterpenes. During those times of monthly hormonal fluctuations I use the Progessence Plus Serum.

The oils listed above are not always consistent everyday. I tend to switch things up quite a bit partly because I love the smell of so many of the oils and like trying new ones. The four oils I NEVER leave home without are: Stress-Away, Valor, Deep Relief roll-ons, and Peppermint.

I am so very blessed to have overcome so many life altering changes with the use of Young Living Essential Oils. I feel much more emotionally balanced, mentally sharp, physically healthy, and spiritually connected. How can I not want to share Young Living Essential Oils with others?

And that is Patty’s story. She shared parts of it during the party and I knew instantly she understood what my mother has experienced for many years. It is because of Patty that my mom has begun trying oils. I delivered her Everyday Essential Oils kit on Mother’s Day. As a surprise I got her a personal essential oil diffuser necklace. The next day she called me. When she went to bed, she hung the necklace that had Frankincense in it on her bedpost so it was close enough to smell. She told me that was the best sleep she has had in a while.

“I’m not sure if I was just that tired or if it was that necklace,” she said.

Guess what I think? It was the necklace and the oil (smile)!

YL Group

Living your healthiest life can take a lot of work, and sometimes a person can wonder where you even start to try to learn. Perhaps you start with Young Living? At the age of thirty-five with two children and a husband I adore, Young Living was part of the answer for me. At the age of thirty-five and having a mother who has suffered since 1989 with Fibromyalgia, Young Living was something she hadn’t tried; Young Living has hope for her. For more information about Young Living Essential Oils and how they may play a part in your life, click connect located at the top of this page. Or visit Patty Yantes at

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